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About Just Fine - Just Fine Pet Sitting

About Just Fine Pet Sitting


Our pets give us unconditional love and when they’re not around we miss them terribly. After our 16-1/2 year old schnauzer, Bruce, passed away we were living in a condo that no longer allowed pets. We were quite lonely for a new friend. Although we did adopt our cat, Bolt (against condo by-laws), we would have also loved to have brought another dog into our lives. That’s when we came up with the idea of caring for the ‘best friends’ of others and decided to establish a professional pet sitting service that would allow for our loved ones to stay at home in the comfort of their own safe environment. We established JFPS in 1997 when we were living in the Hackensack area. Though our client base was small, we were quite surprised at the response we received for our services.

In 1998 we moved to beautiful Oakland where we adopted Arthur, a sweet and loving beagle basset hound mixed breed from the Ramapo Valley Animal Shelter. From client referrals we were extremely fortunate to reestablish a regular JFPS clientele in our new found area of wonderful animal-loving individuals and their extraordinary pets. In the past eleven years our client base has continued to grow substantially as has our own pet family. We added a feisty, mixed breed named Stella Blue, who we adopted from one of our clients who took in a pregnant stray mom. Needless to say, as pet owners we understand the difficulty encountered when planning to be away and not having someone who you can trust to care for your ‘loved ones’.

Although there are other options, we know we prefer to leave our pets in the security of their own home. Our pet sitting service allows you to relax and not dwell on if your pet(s) are being taken care of. We are committed to provide individualized, personalized and professional pet sitting services, which leads us to say: